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 "Computers & Education" is an ALL-VOLUNTEER nonprofit program that refurbishes computers.  CRC Computer Center awards these REfurbished computers through qualified community programs to individuals with urgent needs within the State of California.  Examples include:  C.A.S.A, Foster Youth; Disabled Veterans, Health and Human Services disabled home-bound elderly; and  Public School Teachers for their classrooms.

ORGANIZATIONS: Please request the computer on letterhead, telling us the software programs intended to run on the computer, and how the computer will be used in your program, and who will benefit from this computer.  You must include the name of the intended recipient (unless a foster child) and the case worker or representative that will accept the computer on the individuals behalf, and provide future help.

When you request a computer from us you are certifying that you have support to: (1)  load and configure your own software programs, (2) install additional hardware as needed, and, (3) maintain the computer, including downloading updates to your O.S., Application programs, and virus/spyware/malware protection programs.  IMPORTANT!  All shipping costs must be paid by you or your sponsor organization.  Please send all correspondence and requests to: CRC Computer Request, 3227 Santa Rosa Ave. Suite A, Santa Rosa CA 95407, and allow up to 30 days for a reply.

Microsoft Windows products contain Original Licenses or MAR (Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher) licenses. All computers pass a strict quality control final inspection.  Original licenses have been restored from OEM restore disks, and MAR licenses from a Microsoft proprietory master copy.  MAR licenses do not allow giving disks.  You must create your own backup.  We reserve the right to change/discontinue programs/products.

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